If for any reason your school is unhappy with Obediah Thomas’ presentation of either “Bye Bye Bully” or “The Character Show” we will refund your fee in full.

It did happen once. In February of 2016 Obediah was scheduled to perform at Lincoln Elementary in Stockton, Calif. He performed a great show. Several teachers raved about it. “The presenter was very engaging for the upper elementary students. It had its very funny moments and the songs got stuck in our heads for the rest of the day.” – Mrs. Wong 5th Grade. But, whoops, Obediah inadvertently performed the wrong show. He simply set up and performed “The Character Show” and not “Bye Bye Bully”. When he learned of his error after the show was complete, Obediah refused the check. No excuses. That is taking responsibility.

Obediah promises an excellent presentation every time. If not, the check will be returned.